Royal Rumble 2016 now converted to WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

2016 Royal Rumble Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This is the first time in the history of WWE Royal Rumble that 30 Man match is converted into WWE World Heavyweight Championship match rather than normal match. The winner of Royal Rumble match will go to WrestleMania and challenge the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for a title match. But who knows what happen in WrestleMania 32 when the Royal Rumble 2016 Winner himself is WWE champion. Current Champion Roman Reigns will defend his title in front of 30 people in a ring on Jan 24 2016 at Amway Park, Florida.

2016 Royal Rumble Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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The conversion of Royal Rumble 2016 30 Match to WWE World Heavyweight match is done by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon on Jan 4 in WWE Raw when Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus for WWE title and Vince is the referee himself. Chairman promised Roman that he will not leave Raw as a champion on that day.

Now Roman reigns will be able to defeat all the 29 WWE Superstars in Royal Rumble match and defend his title successfully. Then this will become a history in WWE.

All the 30 entrants will draw their entry number randomly. The First Superstar is already announced his entry on Dec last week raw and that is Big Show. Still No. 2 has to be confirmed. Who starts the Royal Rumble match with big show. In every 90 seconds, a super start will enter the ring and joins other superstar fighting inside the ring. The only way to eliminate a superstar is by throwing him outside the ring with both his feet touching the ground.

So far, the following Superstars have been declared official participants in the match:

-        WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns

-        Brock Lesnar

-        Chris Jericho

-        Stardust

-        Bray Wyatt

-        Erick Rowan

-        Luke Harper

-        Braun Strowman

-        Dolph Ziggler

-        Ryback

-        Big Show

-        Curtis Axel

-        Sheamus