Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants Complete List

Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants Complete List: There is 30 Man Royal Rumble 2017 match in which every wrestler has an entry. WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Entrants List is listed below. We will update the listing as soon as we get the other wrestlers entrants updates. Royal Rumble 2017 Live is take place on 29 Jan Sunday.
Royal Rumble 2016 Entrants Complete List
Order of Entrants:

1. Big Show - In this week Raw on 27 Dec, it is announced that Big Show is the first entrant in 24th Jan Royal Rumble 30 Man match. He has completed 10 Royal Rumble matches. He almost won the Royal Rumble 2000 with Rock against him. He returned on last night Raw and declared himself as the first entrant to 2016 Royal Rumble which is a ridiculous move for Giant like him. You can also see Royal Rumble 2017 Results when the event ends.

Rumours are also about the John Cena and Brock Lesnar to be in 30 Man Rumble match.

15 possible surprise 2017 Royal Rumble entrants:

1. Sami Zayn: He is one of exciting Superstars in NXT. 
2. Samoa Joe: He signed a deal with WWE for NXT. 
3. Finn Balor: He is the NXT Champions and WWE can send him to Royal Rumble.
4. Rey Mysterio: He left WWE for Mexico and but WWE definitely wants to include him in Royal rumble match.
5. Rob Van Dam: RVD is currently in ECW and he can also return to Royal Rumble.
6. Chris Jericho: He is always s surprise entrant. People would love to see him.
7. Sting: He never competed in a Royal Rumble match. If WWE could give this legend a chance then Its good for business.
8. Randy Orton: He is out due to injury and fans waiting when The Viper will return to ring. WWE ha snot confirmed his injury update, but we have to wait that he may return to Royal Rumble.
9. Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan was the fan favourite to win the past two Rumble matches but was eliminated early in one and left out of the other.
10. Brock Lesnar - The Best: Think about Brock Lesnar making a surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble. It would be completely unexpected and the fans would go wild. On top of that, Lesnar would automatically become the favourite to win.
11. The Undertaker: He is WWE legend. This Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania may be his last. As this legend is on ending his career. 
12. The Rock: Although WWE has confirmed that The Rock is returning on WrestleMania 32 but you never know WWE. 
13. Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle has recently announced his “retirement” from TNA, but that doesn’t mean that Angle is hanging up his boots entirely, as the possibility of a WWE return looms for “Your Olympic Hero.”
14. Jeff Hardy: The rumours regarding Jeff Hardy and a WWE return have been circulating lately as Hardy is yet another former Superstar who WWE fans have not forgotten.
15. John Cena: Much like the 2008 Royal Rumble, John Cena could very-well appear in Orlando as a surprise entrant. The crow will pop at first before the usual John Cena duel will commence within the arena.